Leaders on the road to equality in sport
10/30/2019 |
Among the strengths that characterize Spain is its constant work for gender equality. It is an area that is growing little by little, and the presence of women is gaining ground in all areas of society, even in areas such as sport. According to data from the European project, ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport, promoted by the Council of Europe and the European Union.​
According to this document, Spain is on the right track: of the 18 countries studied, the majority of them European, our country obtains the highest score in terms of measures adopted to ensure that more women occupy leadership positions in sports federations (85% compared to 53% of the total average). In general, and together with France and Finland, Spain is the most advanced nation in terms of work for gender equality in the sporting world.


The figures from the report

The report indicates that 25% of management positions in all Spanish sports federations are currently held by women. A figure that is still low, but of the nations analyzed it is only surpassed by Israel with 28% and Finland with 29%. To improve the figures, 59% of Spanish sports federations have a plan to prevent and combat gender inequality.

The figures also confirm that 41% of the federations are already organizing specific initiatives and policies to improve these figures. A total of 74% have taken measures in order to equal the number of male and female coaches. And it has been reported that 82% have implemented plans to increase the percentage of women who practice sport regularly.


The objective of the project

The objective of the ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport project is to promote equality between men and women in the field of sport. However, it also offers support to public bodies and sports organisations in the design and implementation of policies and programmes aimed at eliminating these types of inequalities.

The published study analyses six specific points: leadership of sports organisations; coaches and judges; participation of athletes from the amateur to the elite; prevention of gender-based violence in sport; treatment of equality in the media; and development of integration programmes.


Females are leading the way in Spain

It is not only in sports that women are making progress in Spain. In fact, our country is one of the best places to be born a woman. Specifically, the fifth in the world (out of 153 countries covering 98% of the world's population) according to the Women, Peace & Security Index (2017-2018), drawn up by Georgetown University and the Peace Research Institute in Oslo.

During our country's forty years of democracy, women have gradually joined the labour market: and we have gone from 28.1% in 1978, to 53% today, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). At the moment, it is one of the States with the greatest presence of women in the political sphere: 65% of the ministers in the current government are women.

Spain has more women graduates in higher education, 53.3% of the total registered in 2016, according to Eurostat. They also represent 53.2% of those in judicial careers, and 51.6% of the graduates in Medicine according to the data from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Clear examples that our country is on the right path in regard to equality.