Security is one of our country’s greatest values. This is confirmed by many of the indices produced by the Eurostat statistical office, which collects data from police sources. For example, Spain is the 4th country in the European Union in which fewer intentional homicides are committed, according to official police records.

In 2017 there were 0.66 such crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. This figure is well below the highest figure, that of Lithuania, which exceeds 4.5 cases, and is better than countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom or Scandinavian nations such as Finland, Denmark or Sweden, which are all above 1.

Globally, the scale is similar. The World Bank, for example, has collected figures from more than 200 countries, recorded in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime database of international homicide statistics. Its most recent figures, from 2016, place Spain at number 11.

Low crime rates

In general, our country is one of the least conflictive in the world in everything related to criminal matters. The rate of aggression collected by Eurostat (intentional attacks with serious injuries) is 37.2 per 100,000 inhabitants compared to almost 800 in the United Kingdom and more than 600 in Belgium.

This situation was confirmed by a recent report by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), a US public and private partnership dedicated to measuring diplomatic security. It ensures that there is minimal risk of crime in major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona and that Spain is a safe destination for everyone who visits whether they be tourists, students or those travelling for business.

Spain’s Image Barometer 2018 from the Elcano Royal Institute also points out that security is one of the most valued characteristics of our country outside its borders. In the same way that the publication US News awarded Spain first place in its 2018 ranking of best countries to travel alone. Another reason that increases the annual influx of tourists.

And in terms of companies looking for new markets in which to invest and do business, these figures among others have helped to make Spain an attractive choice. According to CEO World Magazine, the low crime rates and the constant control of possible terrorist threats have made Spain the ninth best country in the world in which to do business, ahead of other countries such as the U.S., the United Kingdom or France.

The opinion of the Spaniards

This perception extends to the Spanish population: according to data from the Spanish Centre of Sociological Research (CIS) of February 2019, not feeling safe was one of the problems of least concern among those surveyed. Only 4.2% of the participants considered it to be one of the three main difficulties currently facing our country.

In relation to this data, the latest survey of living conditions carried out by the National Statistics Institute (INE) confirms that the percentage of households that experienced episodes of delinquency or vandalism decreased considerably between 2004 and 2017 (the last year analysed): from 18.7% to 8.9%.

In conclusion, year after year Spain is continuing to improve in terms of security. This is largely due to the constant work of professionals from the different police forces operating in our cities, such as the Civil Guard and the Armed Forces.  But it is also due to the cultural evolution towards greater tolerance and civility that governs the population.