Spain, has one of the highest percentages of female managers in companies
3/10/2020 |
In our country approximately 34% of women hold senior management positions in companies with a staff of anywhere from 50 to 500 employees according to the Women in Business 2020 report, 5% more than the global average.
​Although there is still a lot to be done in order to achieve full equality, Spain has become one of the countries that is making the most progress in terms of gender equality policies. One of the latest international reports that verifies this is the Women in Business 2020 published by the consulting firm Grant Thornton, which ranks us at the top of the world ranking.

According to this report the worldwide average of women holding senior management positions in companies with anywhere from 50 to 500 employees, listed and unlisted remains at approximately 29%. In the European Union as a whole it is, 30%. In Spain the percentage has increased from 30% to 34%, which according to the report has been one of the highest in the last 16 years.

Among the 32 countries analyzed in the report (according to answers obtained from approximately 5,000 medium sized companies), only Poland surpasses us with 38% of women in senior management positions. Spain is ahead of countries such as Germany, the US and France, all three have achieved roughly 28% effective equality between men and women.

The percentage of Spanish companies that do not have any women in positions of senior management has decreased by 9%, while the world average in this section has remained stagnant at 13%. These figures are still far from ideal but they show that our country is determined to improve this situation.

Figures from autonomous regions 

​Grant Thornton's study has also analysed the progress of female leadership in autonomous regions that have a large business sector.  Madrid leads the way in the recruitment of women in senior management positions, with 38%, 7% more than in the previous year.

In second place is Catalonia, with 32%, four per cent higher than in 2019, followed by Galicia, with 31%, and Andalusia, with 26%. At the bottom of the list are Valencia (23%) and the Basque Country (24%). However, the report points out as good news, the fact that no Spanish region has reduced the number of senior female executives it has hired.

With regard to the type of positions, the highest percentage of women in positions of responsibility are typically within Human Resources (36%), closely followed by those in Finance (36%). Spain is the first country in Europe with the highest percentage of women occupying the highest executive positions in its companies (25%).

In fact, the number of female CEOs we have is six per cent higher than the world and European percentages. It is also 1% higher than the data registered by Poland (24%) and is much higher than the percentages obtained by Germany (20%) and France (15%).

Empowerment and commitment

These figures complement the data collected by the World Economic Forum to elaborate the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which places Spain in eighth place in the world ranking of the most advanced countries in terms of gender parity. The sections in which we obtain the highest scores are women's political empowerment and the percentage of female ministers in government.

According to the Ipsos report Global Attitudes towards Gender Equality, Spain is the third country in the world where the highest percentage of its citizens consider themselves to be feminists: 44%. The report which was published last year and which analyses the situation in 27 countries, confirms that we have one of the most committed societies in this respect. The report also states that our population is one of the most highly aware and critical of the barriers that exist for women in the home, professionally and in regard to education.

Another example of the progress that is taking place in our country in regard to gender quality, appeared in the ranking on gender equality of the 173 central world banks, carried out by Mazars and the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum. According to this report, the National Spanish Bank is at the top of the list, with 97.67 points out of 100, mainly because there are more women than men in senior management positions.  A situation that only occurred in 12 of the 173 institutions analysed.

In conclusion, various reports and rankings confirm that Spain is ahead of many other countries in terms of working towards and achieving full equality. We are an example to follow thanks to our laws and a society that supports women and considers itself largely feminist.