Spain, the 13th best democracy in the world according to the international idea
11/20/2019 |
• Spain climbs 7 places in The Global State of Democracy 2019 Report and obtains a score similar to those of the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium, and higher than Canada, France and Austria.
• It stands out in indicators such as Representative Government (9th) and Local Democracy (5th), among the 158 countries analysed, in addition to being one of the few European countries that continues to improve within a worldwide climate that is facing the “erosion of democracy”.
​​​ ​Wednesday 20 November. Spanish democracy continues to improve. This has been confirmed by The Global State of Democracy 2019, report which has been prepared by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) the intergovernmental organization based in Stockholm whose mission is to support and strengthen democratic institutions and processes around the world.

According to the analysis, Spain ranks as the 13th in the democracy ranking with the best score among the 158 States analysed by the international IDEA which has moved up seven positions with respect to the last year in which it ranked 20th. Spain achieved an overall score (the average of the five main attributes of democracy of the report) of 0.7705 points out of 1.

For the Secretary of State for Global Spain, Irene Lozano this report “shines a valid, international and independent light on the strength of the Spanish democracy which is constantly improving”. This has been achieved “in spite of the constant disinformation campaigns that are trying to tarnish what we Spaniards have accomplished in the last 40 years and the best way to combat this is precisely through empirical and independent studies.”


Local Democracy and Representative Government, are our strong points

In the report, which gathers data from 2018, Spain comes out particularly well in the category of Representative Government with a score of 0.81 and 9th place (above democracies such as the French, Finnish and Belgian); and in Fundamental Rights, it has a score of 0.84 points, the same score as Canada and one decimal point away from countries such the Netherlands and France. In both, Spain has slighlty improved with respect to the 2017 data.

It also improved its score in the Checks on Government, where it obtained 0.79 points and 14th place worldwide; and in Impartial Administration, with 0.84 points and 12th place. As for Participatory Engagement, although in the average of the four indicators Spain ranks 31st, with a rating of 0.5725, it stands out in Local Democracy, where it has moved up to 5th position with 0.85 points out of 1.


The Global Climate of Eroding Democracy

  Spain's merit in improving its score is twofold, because it has occurred during a global climate that The Global State of Democracy 2019 has described as the "erosion of democracy". Although the world has experienced an important democratization since 1975 (from 25% of democratic countries that year to 62% today), this process has slowed down and today the world faces an erosion of democracy. Especially during the last decade and in the regions of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, where more than half of the states have lost points in the index.​