Who we are


We are the Secretariat of State for Global Spain, which is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. With your assistance, we defend and project Spain’s international reputation.


Why is it called ‘This Is The Real Spain’?


The ‘This Is The Real Spain‘ website was created in 2019 to allow people to get to know the real Spain, with its strengths and challenges, both within and beyond our borders.  The 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution reminded us of the achievements we have made together over the years:

Spain is, by virtue of its citizens and its institutions, a full and consolidated democracy, that adheres to the Rule of Law and enjoys some of the greatest civil liberties in the world. Spain is talent, diversity, business, science, sport and culture. A society that prides itself on its solidarity, equality and sustainability. Take a look at the Spain in the World section where you can consult and access various international indices.


What else can I find on this website?


‘This Is The Real Spain’ also has a new section Spain Contributes, which explains the proposals our country presents to the world, those that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation are currently working on to improve global governance. We firmly believe that many of todays problems are most effectively solved at a global level. Contemplate for a moment the most obvious examples, such as climate change and public health. We are committed to effective multilateralism and to this end we are developing concrete proposals, which we are implementing in the administration and taking to the appropriate bodies, from the EU to the UN, stopping along the way at the WHO, the World Bank, the OECD, NATO and the IMF, to name just a few.

Finally, in the Latest News section you will find articles and up-to-date information about our country.