An international standard for culture

,  Culture is one of the most valuable aspects of the projection and identity of Spain worldwide. Monuments like the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia and the Santiago cathedral; legendary texts like those of El Quijote, Bécquer and the poetry of Lorca; the brushstrokes...

A world example in equality

  The progress made by women in Spain is unstoppable. In forty years of democracy, the female presence and influence has the transformed society and today Spain is a world reference for gender equality, making it one of the best places in the world to be a woman....


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This Is The Real Spain is the blog of Global Spain to spread the word about the real Spain, with its strengths and challenges within and outside our borders. Readers can find these strengths divided up between our three main pillars: democracy, modernity and citizenship. Because Spain is a modern country in which its citizens are the basis for the spectacular progress made in recent decades. And the 40 years of Constitution which we recently celebrated provide us with the perfect lever to remember these successes. Find out more