EFE/ Chema Moya

The country’s major museums have reopened amid security measures and new exhibitions


Although many have virtual tours and have had a large number of activities, videos, podcasts and audiovisual resources during quarantine, we have missed them. The museums, one of the best showcases for the history of Spanish, European and universal art, are once again welcoming visitors. We review the opening dates and news of some of the most emblematic museums and art centres in Spain.


Madrid’s ‘art mile’: Museo del Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofía


After almost three months closed, the three largest museums in the capital returned to the ‘new normal’ on Saturday 6 June, with free tickets for the first two days of reopening, which were sold out in a few hours.

Reencuentro‘ is the name of the new permanent collection assembly with which the Prado Museum is reopening its doors, and which will run until 13 September. A smaller version of its enormous heritage – in larger spaces – thanks to which we can enjoy almost 250 works, 190 of which have been relocated. Among them, emblematic pieces such as ‘La Anunciación’ by Fra Angelico and ‘El Descendimiento’ by Van der Weyden brought together for the first time; Goya‘s ‘Saturn’ and Rubens together; and ‘Las Meninas’ and ‘Las Hilanderas’ by Velázquez accompanied by the jesters of the painter from Seville. The great Spanish art gallery has limited the capacity to 1,800 visitors.