Spain, one of the EU countries making the most progress in innovation in 2019
6/29/2020 |
Spain moves up 5 positions in the last European Commission's ‘European Innovation Scoreboard’ and is the European country that has made the most progress in Human Resources
Spain’s efforts in innovation and digital transformation continue to bear fruit. Our country is, together with Cyprus and Finland, one of the three European Union Member States where innovation performance has significantly increased during 2019, according to the latest ‘European Innovation Scoreboard 2020’, published by the European Commission on Tuesday 23 June. 

Spain has moved up 5 positions with respect to last year, going from 19th to 14th place from a total of 27 EU states. It remains in the group of "Moderate Innovators", but has narrowed the gap with the group of "Strong Innovators", now separated by only two positions. 

According to the report, Spain obtains the best results in the ‘Human Resources’ category, where it has grown by 66.7%, and is the country whose performance has improved the most in this area, between 2012 and 2019. Within this category, Spain also stands out in new doctorate graduates, where it doubles the EU average; population with tertiary education; and lifelong learning

Another of the areas in which Spain obtains the best results is in the area of having a favourable environment for innovation. Our country ranks 9th in the 2019 report and is, after Malta, Poland and Lithuania, the Member State whose performance has improved the most in this area. Within this category, the country stands out in broadband penetration

 According to the European Commission's report, Spain shows the highest positive difference with the EU average in the rate of enterprise creation,employment share and average annual change in GDP, areas that still need to improve are in the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, investment in R&D enterprises and public-private partnerships.  

The EU continues to improve in innovation

In addition to the data on Spain, the European Commission's report highlights the steady pace at which innovation continues to grow in the European Union, with increasing convergence between its Member States. On average, innovation in the EU has improved by 8.9% since 2012 (14.6% in the case of Spain), and the report's results have increased in 24 of the 27 current EU countries. Sweden, followed by Finland and Denmark, continues to lead the way in European innovation. 

Globally, the European Union has overtaken the United States for the second time, and remains ahead of the US, China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa and India in terms of performance.