Spain, a world leader in tourist reservations during the last week
6/4/2020 |

Andalusia leads the Travelgate ranking. Image of Nerja (Málaga)

Andalucia, the Canary Islands, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia dominate the ranking as the world's most popular destinations, according to Travelgate
​After extremely difficult months for the Spanish tourism sector, optimism is returning for the summer season. In recent days, Spain has shown clear signs of recovery in the tourism sector, both nationally and internationally. 

Among other things, Spain is leading the way in terms of bookings after the announcement of the country's reopening to international tourism, made last Saturday 23 May by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. According to data from the Travelgate platform, which analyses more than 20,000 reservations and 3,000 million searches every day, compiling the offer of 300 hotel service websites and 15 flight websites worldwide, reservations in the week following the announcement placed Spain in first position. With 33.75% of the total number of bookings worldwide, our country overtook the United States, the leader in bookings during the previous week, which moved up to second place on the list, accumulating 31.5% of the bookings. The USA is followed by Portugal (9.8%), Italy (2.13%), France (2.8%) and Mexico (2.06%). 

The biggest boost to this improvement comes from the domestic market: almost 80% of all bookings in Spanish destinations have been made by domestic tourists. After the Spanish, the British made up 7.7% of bookings, followed by the Portuguese with 5.2%.  

Five regions in the top 10 world reservations

In the Travelgate ranking, five of the ten regions with the highest number of reservations are Spanish. In first place is Andalucia, which takes 10.78% of world bookings. It is above Florida (USA), with 6.72%. The Canary Islands took third place on the podium, with 5.71%. Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia occupy fifth, sixth and ninth positions, respectively. For its part, the District of Faro, in Portugal, comes in fourth, and California, Nevada and Texas (USA) in seventh, eighth and tenth place, respectively. 

Taking into account only the reservations in Spanish destinations, Andalucia, is in first position, with 31.66%; the Canary Islands, 16.7%; Valencia 13.4%; the Balearic Islands, 13.01%; and Catalonia, 9.69% of the reservations. 

In the main summer months -July and August-, the reservations exceed the feared cancellations. 32.62% of those who have made reservations have chosen the last week of July, while 28.98% have made reservations in August.

A consolidated world power in tourism

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The Canary Islands are the second most reserved Spanish destination in the world. Image of Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria​

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the key sectors of the Spanish economy. In recent years it has positioned itself on the podium as the second world power in terms of international visitors and income, standing alongside France and the United States. The 83.7 million foreign tourists in 2019 set a new record, and consolidated Spain's position in the tourism competitiveness rankings.

Culture, gastronomy, security, the character of the Spanish people and the high standards of our transport and hotel facilities have made us a world reference in tourism in recent decades, in addition to being the country that receives the highest volume of Erasmus+ students and one of the main destinations chosen for congress and conventions tourism