Associating brands and products to their Spanish origin inspires confidence and has reached record levels, according to the latest Confidence Index of Brand Spain


The managers of companies involved in internationalisation processes are confident that Spain’s reputation adds value to their businesses. This is the result of the Confidence Index of Brand Spain 2019, prepared by MESIAS (an intelligence observatory that analyses the Spanish Brand) and which was presented yesterday at the headquarters of ICEX.

With over 26,000 CEOs of export companies registered with ICEX, this report, whose first analysis was in 2013, reflects that 66% of CEOs trust Spain’s reputation and value the positive influence it adds to their international business.

Associating your brand with Spain implies quality


70.4% of the business sector dedicated to exports surveyed, feel that it is positive to associate their brand, product and/or service to their Spanish origin, the percentage has risen 2 points compared to the figure from 2018 and more than 10 points compared to the figure from the first edition of the study.

55% of them agree or strongly agree that this link improves the image of their brand or product in terms of quality; 47% believe that it makes them more attractive to potential customers; and 40% believe that highlighting the Spanish origin of their product improves sales.

Spain’s excellent reputation abroad


According to the business individuals surveyed, the confidence that Spain generates abroad in relation to international business amounts to 62.5 points, 16 points higher than in 2013. Security, has reached 60%, and is the factor that instills the most confidence in Spain, followed by improved sales (51%).

Spain’s reputation is also growing. 65.8% of those surveyed believe that Spain has a very good image abroad. Managers who participated in the study consider us to be creative (76%), professional (71%) and friendly (86%), and see Spain as a progressive and modern country (51%) that inspires confidence and prestige (51%).

All the Autonomous Regions trust Brand Spain


Murcia, Valencia, La Rioja, Asturias and Andalucía are the autonomous regions that value the most, associating their brands and products to their Spanish origin and Catalonia has seen a considerable improvement.

Among the most trusted institutions by Spanish business individuals for their internationalisation projects, the best rated – for the sixth consecutive year – is ICEX (Spain Trade and Investment), with a score of 67.9 points.

MESIAS –Inteligencia de Marca España is promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, it is an independent and objective country brand intelligence system, made up of volunteers from fifteen universities and business schools, based at the CEU San Pablo University, whose mission is to objectively monitor, the state and evolution of the Brand Spain in all its dimensions.