Global spaniards, local heroes
7/27/2020 |


The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Global Spain have launched a new campaign to highlight the work being carried out by anonymous Spaniards around the world, who are helping to combat the effects of Covid-19

There are approximately 2.6 million Spaniards living abroad. Through their work or study they make an enormous positive contribution to the countries that welcome them as well as to our country. Among those living abroad are many anonymous heroes who, during the past months, have helped to minimise the effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to acknowledge the incredible work that is been carried out by many of these citizens, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and the State Secretariat for Global Spain, have launched the campaign Global Spaniards, Local Heroes. The campaign aims to highlight the work being carried out by Spaniards living abroad and will appear on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Global Spain´s social media.

The campaign presents individual cases of Spanish citizens who have been working in different countries around the world to help combat the effects of the pandemic. This is the case of Laura Andújar, who appears in the first video. She is an ER nurse from Madrid and is part of the Spanish Technical Team for Emergency Assistance and Response (START) and has participated in various NGO missions in developing countries. The video shows us the work she carried out on a trip to Mauritania with a group of health workers sent by the AECID, in order to help the Mauritanian health authorities improve their pandemic prevention system and patient care.​


The campaign also presents the work that has been carried out by José Luis Pimentel Bolaños, General Coordinator of Spanish Cooperation in Peru, one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this region, Spanish Cooperation is supporting the actions of the Peruvian government to help contain the virus and to improve the services available to the most vulnerable groups, not only in regard to health, but also in basic living conditions..

Connecting the global Spanish community

The campaign #EspañolesGlobalesHéroesLocales is part of the State Secretariat for Global Spain´s new strategy to improve the connection between Spanish citizens abroad and our country to provide and enhance mutual support.

This is, in fact, one of the main tasks of the Ambassador on Special Mission for Spanish Global Citizenship, a new line of work within Global Spain that will try to identify, connect, support, project and listen to all Spaniards who work in business and academic fields, in the international public sector, in development and cooperation, civil society, communication, culture and sport. Building a close and solid relationship between Spain and its citizens abroad is extremely useful, not only for Spain’s foreign action, but also in order to help the country face new challenges, thanks to the experience, specialisation and influence acquired by Spaniards who work and live abroad.

Of the 2.6 million Spanish citizens abroad, 60% are in the Americas, 36% in Europe, 2% in Asia and 1%, respectively, in Africa and Oceania